About Us

Belmont Medical Technologies is a leading provider of fluid management and patient temperature management solutions for use worldwide in medical facilities, military combat fields, and EMS settings.


Our Vision

To be at our best when it matters most.


Our Mission

We work on the front lines of critical care, helping clinicians save lives and improve outcomes. We deliver breakthrough medical solutions that blend technical inspiration with an uncompromising quality standard, earning the trust of patients and clinicians worldwide.


Our History

2018 – Belmont acquires MTRE’s temperature management lines from Mennen Medical

2018 – Belmont expands its direct operation to UK & Scotland through its acquisition of HC LIFE LTD

2018 – As part of a major rebranding program, Belmont Instrument Corporation changes its name to Belmont Medical Technologies, and unveils a new logo and visual identity to reflect the company’s evolution into an expanded provider of innovative medical solutions.

2017 – Belmont Instrument Corporation is acquired by Audax Private Equity, and Brian Ellacott is named Belmont’s new CEO

2008 – Release of the Hyperthermia Pump™, a safe and simple solution for rapid circulation of warmed fluid

2005-2007 – Release of the close-to-patient, IV pole mounted buddy 2™ and portable, battery-operated buddy lite™ for hospital and pre-hospital blood and fluid warming

1999 – Release of The Belmont® Rapid Infuser (FMS-2000), a rapid blood/fluid warmer featuring patented electromagnetic heating technology

Late 80s – Belmont becomes the OEM of the (RIS) Rapid Infusion System

Mid 80s – Innovation leads to development of the smallest and lightest intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) ever sold

Early 80s – Belmont develops simulation EKG equipment and cardiac assist devices

1980 – Belmont Instrument Corporation is founded by Dr. Herzlinger


The Belmont® Difference

Modern medicine moves fast, but we move faster. Our products make the difference in pivotal moments. We push the limits of innovation while offering in the-field, in-recovery, on-the-front-lines solutions that have the power to change the course of every outcome. We create new strength, new resilience, and new possibilities inside the most tense and stressful situations. We come through with positive solutions every time you need us. All of our technologies are backed by the most valuable guarantee possible - our people. Our team of passionate, focused contributors understands how much each moment matters, and we are committed to saving and improving lives, together.

About Us
The 100+ employees at Belmont are proud to be part of an organization that is so strongly connected to saving lives, and the lives we help save give meaning and purpose to all that we do.