The Epidemiology of Postpartum Hemorrhage in a Large, Nationwide Sample of Deliveries.
This study provides insights on the trends in postpartum hemorrhaging, risk factors and maternal outcomes when delivery complication occurs.
Obstetric Hemorrhage
This article discusses the lack of transfusion management in postpartum hemorrhage in obstetrics.
A Promising Technique for Treating Circulatory Arrest Associated Coagulopathy
In a Letter to the Editor, the University of Michigan Medical School Department of Anesthesiology stresses the promise of using a rapid infuser device in treating circulatory arrest associated coagulopathy
Evaluation of a New IV Fluid and Blood Warming System to Prevent Air Embolism
This study evaluates the ability of the FMS2000 to deliver warm fluid and blood during various flow rates. The study also evaluated the performance of the FMS2000 during two simulated conditions that may be encountered in the operating room environment: 1) empty air-filled fluid bag and 2) extravasated IV site.
A Laboratory Evaluation of the Level 1 Rapid Infuser (H1025) and the Belmont Instrument Fluid Management System (FMS 2000) for Rapid Transfusion
This investigative article compares the heating capabilities, infusion rates, and air management system of the FMS 2000 and the Level 1 infusion systems.
High-Energy Trauma and Damage Control in the Lower Limb
This article provides an overview of damage control principles in the management of high-energy traumatic vascular injuries of the lower limb during recent U.S. military combat operations.
Relative Efficacy of Hotline, Buddy and Ranger Blood/Fluid Warming Devices
The Department of Anesthesiology of The Uniformed Services University evaluates the Hotline (SIMS Level 1, Inc.), Ranger (Arizant Healthcare) and Buddy (Belmont Instrument Corp.) warming devices in regards to their warming efficacy at various flow rates and temperatures, with and without varying degrees of infusion pressure.


George Herzlinger, PhD explains The Belmont® Rapid Infuser
Be prepared during every delivery to quickly infuse large amounts of warm vital fluids with the Belmont® Rapid Infuser.