3.0 Liter Reservoir

The 3.0 Liter Reservoir is designed to facilitate cases requiring large volumes of fluid. It can accommodate up to 5 infusion bags at one time.

Fluid enters the reservoir along the interior wall of the filter, fills the fluid space, and flows through the filter screen, from in to out. The filtered fluid exits the reservoir through the outside bottom port which is connected to the 3-Spike Disposable Set roller tube. During PRIME or Recirculation Mode, fluid is recirculated back to the unfiltered side of the reservoir, from the bottom.

  • 3000 ml volume, 50 ml graduations
  • 160 micron filter
  • (3) Inlet ports (with 5 bag spikes)
  • (1) Outlet port
  • (2) Vent ports
  • (1) Inlet port for recirculation line
  • Aluminum-free