The Belmont® Allon®

Advanced Patient Temperature Management

The Allon® is a non-invasive targeted temperature management system that controls and maintains patient body temperature throughout all stages of the perioperative continuum.

The system consists of an algorithm driven heat pump that supplies water through a closed-loop system to the ThermoWrap® disposable patient garment. Core and surface temperature sensors provide continuous patient temperature feedback to enable precise thermal regulation and monitoring.

Control and Maintain Normothermia Throughout the Entire Perioperative Continuum

  • Pre-Operative
    • Initiate patient warming before the procedure
  • Intra-Operative
    • Manage patient temperature during the procedure
  • Post-Operative
    • Maintain patient body temperature in the recovery room


100-00001 The Belmont® Allon® (115V)

100-00002 The Belmont® Allon® (230V) (International Only)



014-00322 Disposable Core Temperature Probe

014-00321 Disposable Surface Temperature Probe

014-00028 Core Adapter Cable

014-00129 Surface Adaptor Cable

200-01200 Temperature Splitter Kit

200-00109 Connecting Hoses (2 by 2 Way)

200-00309 Special Set of Hoses for MRI

  • Precise temperature control
  • Full-color, touch-screen display
  • Simple, easy to use interface with intuitive controls
  • Real-time monitoring and graphical display of temperature measurements
  • Quick and easy set up