The Belmont® Bifurcated Patient Line Disposable for The Belmont® Hyperthermia Pump

The straight Inflow/Bifurcated Outflow Patient Line Kit is packaged and sterilized separately from the Heat Exchanger and the Reservoir. Connections between the Patient Line Kit, Heat Exchanger, and the Reservoir shall be made by the end-user.

  • (1) Heat Exchanger
  • (1) Straight Inflow/Bifurcated Outflow Patient Line consists of:
    • (1) 8 ft Inflow Line
    • (1) 8 ft Bifurcated Outflow Line
  • (1) 4.4 Liter Reservoir supplied with (1) Vacuum Relief Valve; (1) Non-vented cap; (1) Vacuum source tubing with filter