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When speaking about Belmont Instrument Corporation products, a military medic stated the following: "Your product has been tested in war zone, and that is something you cannot buy. It has saved countless of thousands of lives".

Charitable Donation After Mother of Five Was Saved
Motorcycle accident victim survives

At a leading academic medical center in New York City, a mother’s life was saved during the delivery of her fifth child with the help of The Belmont® Rapid Infuser. After experiencing massive bleeding, the mother required an infusion of over fifty units of blood. The mother would not have survived without the rapid infuser. Grateful for the life-saving instrument, the husband of the delivering woman wrote a check to the obstetrics ward specifically for the purchase of a Belmont Rapid Infuser of its own.

Pump Given Witness to Bringing Multiple GI's Back to Life
United states navy reserve lcdr nc

“I have operated The Belmont® through hundreds of bags of blood. Many injuries here in Afghanistan are very traumatic, because of the enemies’ use of the IED (improvised explosive device), injuries such as multiple amputations of extremities, blast injuries, gunshot wounds, and others. Your pump has given me witness to bringing multiple GI’s back to life, because of the rapid administration of blood products your pump provides.” -United States Navy Reserve LCDR NC

Officer's Life Was Saved By Doctors Usage Of The Belmont® Rapid Infuser

An advance in medical technology is being credited with helping to save the life of Omaha Police Officer Paul Latschar. Dr. Robert Fitzgibbons, Jr. says, “He still had brain activity. He wouldn’t be legally dead, by any means.” But, he had no pulse. He had no blood pressure. The Belmont® Rapid Infuser is what doctors believe made a medical miracle possible. Dr. Nahel Saied says, “The pump system here actually heats the blood to a certain degree and clears the air from it and then delivers it to the patient through this large tube.”

Motorcycle Accident Victim Survives
Charitable donation after mother of five was saved

"I 100% believe that The Belmont® is quite literally the most important piece of equipment in our trauma rooms. I have repeatedly seen patients' lives extended long enough to reach OR solely because of the rapid infuser by Belmont. Earlier this year, I had a patient who had been involved in a motorcycle accident. When the patient arrived to our ED, they had a blood pressure of 30/10 and a heart rate over 170 - severe hemorrhagic shock. The patient was hemorrhaging both externally and internally due to several devastating injuries. We used The Belmont® to mass transfuse blood and fluids and rushed the patient to the OR. I seriously didn't expect the patient to have a good outcome. Approximately four months later, I saw this patient very alive and well and was amazed. I can 100% say that The Belmont® saved this patient's life, otherwise they would not have made it to the OR alive."